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Shark shoal

Sunken fleet

"Betty" bomber



Truk sunset

Nissan trucks (Hoki Maru)

Shinkoku  Maru 

The End (Aikoku Maru)

Fujikawa Maru 


Fujikawa Maru engine room

 Fujikawa Maru workshop and the lathe

Mitsubishi Navy Type 96  Carrier Fighter A5M "Claude".
and 5
Mitsubishi A6M Zeros
(Fujikawa Maru)

Destroyer Fumizuki

 Mitsubishi G4M 'Betty'

A view upwards


Aikoku Maru


Fujikawa Maru  in war painting

Heian Maru

Nippo Maru (in rain,)

Rio De Janeiro Maru

Fujikawa Maru  before the war


Dublon town 1944

 (17  February  1944)

Eten island 1944 
Day and night

Dublon explosion 

 Dauntless over Truk

Tonan Maru burning

Virtual Reality Truk
 Here you can download
the viewer and the VRLM file


 Battleship ammo  


 Battleship ammo 2



Artillery shells

 Fujikawa corals

 A smoking gun



The price of victory

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All pictures and (pixel)paintings by Jorma ึster 
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