To be able to see the topographical
virtual reality Truk you must first
download the viewer 

You can download Cortona VRLM 4.2 client here
TRUK - VRLM file
you can download here (size 6,8MB)
Copyright Shutter Inc -Helsinki
(The seafloor has been simplified to reduce
 the file size for downloading)

Google-Earth link to Truk lagoon and

Eten island 1944 click 
here (1 MB KMZ file)
Dublon Island 1944 click
 here  (4,1 MB KMZ file)
Param Island 1944 click
 here  (1,1 MB KMZ file)

Copyright Shutter Inc - Helsinki

You must have Google Earth  installed first

Click the picture to see
a computerized version
 of 1944 TRUK
(a preview picture)

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